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FEMA Compliance

Advisory & compliance management wrt all cross border transactions

FEMA Compliance

  • Advisory on Structuring of Foreign Inbound/Outbound Investments

  • Compliance wrt inbound investments by VC funds

  • Inbound investments in Joint Ventures/WOS/Collaborations

  • Setting up WOS abroad 

  • Outbound investments in Joint Ventures/WOS

  • Transfer of securities from Indian resident to a person resident outside India or vice versa 

  • Regulatory Compliance wrt filing & Certification of FC-GPR, FC-TRS, ECBs

  • Filing of Annual return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets Reporting (FLA) by Indian Companies 

  • Inbound/Outbound Investment

  • Compounding of Offense under FEMA

  • Various other applications to RBI on specific matters

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