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What we Believe in

In India's journey from a $3 trillion economy to $5 trillion and onwards to the ambitious $10 trillion mark, it is undeniable that the path ahead promises immense opportunities for problem solvers and a supporting ecosystem of professionals like us. 

Our mission is to empower clients, by allowing them to focus on their core business activities and strategic endeavors, while we become their trusted partners, providing unwavering reliability in matters of compliance and governance

What we do

What we believe

Our People 

Awards and Recognition

Who we are

We are a peer-reviewed, multi-dimensional practicing Company Secretarial Firm with over 60+ man-years of experience. A dynamic team of qualified and experienced Company Secretaries supported by dedicated interns and administrative staff.


Our expertise is in the domain of the Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Laws, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, IPR Laws, Labour Laws and Anti-Money Laundering Laws. 

We are committed to delivering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions in a proactive manner that leaves no room for oversight. Our approach goes beyond external consultancy; we embrace projects with a sense of ownership, working seamlessly alongside our clients as if we were an integral part of their in-house team. 

Our Values

We believe in the following core values:

  • Integrity: We uphold unwavering ethical standards.

  • Passion: We are deeply enthusiastic about our work.

  • Respect for Individuals: We hold profound regard for our team, clients, and all stakeholders.

  • Long-term Perspective: Our relationships are guided by a far-sighted approach, nurturing enduring connections both internally and with our clients.

  • Authentic Connections: We prioritize establishing genuine connections with people, seeking ways to assist them, rather than merely pursuing our business interests.

  • Clear and Continuous Communication: We recognize the significance of maintaining transparent and ongoing communication with our clients at every stage of their assignments.

  • Ownership and Accountability: We embrace complete ownership of every assignment, ensuring full responsibility for the task's execution and delivery with zero tolerance for errors or slippages.

Our commitment 

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